1/11/18 The Jerk with Matthew Jarecki: Belichick Left Before And He’d Do It Again, Expect Brady To Have A Top 3 Game This Week, Belichick To Giants?, Big Ben Back To Melodramatic Ways, Rick Carlisle Is Completely Out Of Touch, The Under-The-Radar Reason Gruden Will Work For Raiders, Colts New Head Coach?

Matthew Jarecki lays out exactly why it’s not crazy to think Belichick is leaving the Patriots after the playoffs, thinks that the popular Patriots-ESPN article is the perfect Tom Brady fuel, digs up an old video that shows why Belichick could realistically chose the Giants after this season, argues that Rick Carlisle and others in professional sports don’t realize where their salaries come from, explains why Jon Gruden will carry Raiders fans to Vegas with him, and is absolutely baffled by the Colts latest head coaching prospect

About Matthew Jarecki (371 Articles)
Student at Northern Arizona University. Beginning my sports writing career with Outside the League

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