12/4/17 Best of The Jerk with Matthew Jarecki: 12-0 UCF Isn’t In CFB Playoff And It’s Blowing Media’s Mind, Tom Brady Has The Clout To Yell At His OC, Big NFL Takeaways, Reserve Your Eagles Judgement, Gronk Is The Jerk, Journalists And Writers Are A Bunch Of Nerds, Giants Fire McAdoo + Reese

Matthew Jarecki explains that the 12-0 UCF Football team simply isn’t talented enough to play with the big boys, makes the case for Tom Brady having enough clout to yell at Josh McDaniels, gives you his Big NFL Takeaways, says that we should reserve our judgement about the Eagles – because this was their first big test of the season, argues Gronk needs to be suspended, thinks Journalists and Writers are mostly nerds, and gives 3 original thoughts about The Giants’ firings

About Matthew Jarecki (371 Articles)
Student at Northern Arizona University. Beginning my sports writing career with Outside the League

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