2/22/18 The Best of The Jerk: Adam Silver Needs To Respond To Mavs Scandal, Media Covering Up For NBA, NBA Altering Playoff Seeding?, A Stat That Proves Belichick’s Brilliance, Le’Veon Bell – The College Textbook Of The NFL

February 22, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki argues that Adam Silver has been the "fun dad" of professional sports commissioners - and that his response to the Mavericks' front office scandal will be critical, explains why the certain media is covering up for the NBA and Dallas Mavericks, says that altering playoff seedings might be best for the future of the NBA - but says that Silver needs to prove he can oppose LeBron James first, gives you a stat that illustrates the brilliance of Bill Belichick, and calls Le'Veon Bell the college textbook of the NFL [...]

2/21/18 The Best of The Jerk: Is Andrew Luck Healthy?, Should The Colts Draft A QB, The Lamar Jackson Conundrum, The Big Kirk Cousins Lie, What Makes A GOAT

February 22, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki wonders if Andrew Luck is truly healthy - or if his latest comments were just fluff, argues that it would behoove the Colts to draft a QB at #3, discusses the implications of Bill Polian's latest Lamar Jackson comments, ogles over the leverage that Kirk Cousins has this off-season, and gives his theory about what makes Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Wayne Gretzky the GOATs [...]

2/19/18 The Best of The Jerk: America Loves Porn, Fast Food, and The NBA All-Star Game, NBA Considering Televising 2019 All-Star Draft, Jets Willing To Pay Kirk Cousins “Whatever it Takes”, NBA Stars Brush Off Media, 3 Original Thoughts

February 19, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki argues that complaining about the competition level of all-star games is ridiculous, says that Adam Silver is handling his NBA commissionership very well, explains why the Jets would be smart to acquire Kirk Cousins, argues that the American sports media infrastructure is simply too large for the NBA, and gives 3 original thoughts. [...]

The Best of The Jerk: Does Le’Veon Bell Deserve Long-Term Contract?, Do Steelers Need More Talent?, Will AJ McCarron Be Successful?, Should Saints Re-Sign Brees?, Is NBA more suited for millennials than NFL?

February 16, 2018 // 0 Comments

The Jerk recalls a time his boss explained to him that employees make the culture, and says the Steelers should consider that before giving Le'Veon Bell a large contract, argues that LeBron James has dealt with more non-basketball issues than any NBA superstar this year, is baffled by the Steelers GM's comments that Pittsburg needs more talent, reminds everybody that AJ McCarron is on a long list of hyped-up backup QB's that failed, warns the Saints not to take Drew Brees for granted, wonders if the NBA is a better fit for Millennial athlete's than the NFL [...]

2/15/18 The Best of The Jerk: Should Harden Leading MVP Race?, Tom Brady’s Biggest Off-Season Move, Does Andrew Luck Need QB Whisperer?, Fox to Air 2018 NFL Draft, Charles Haley Cowboys Comments

February 15, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains why James Harden will win the MVP even though LeBron James deserves it, argues that Tom Brady's biggest offseason move will be making Gisele happy, is baffled by the media reaction to Indy's Frank Reich hire, explains why Fox airing the NFL draft is important, and agrees with Charles Haley's Cowboys comments [...]

2/14/18 The Best of The Jerk: LeBron Separates Once Again, Steve Kerr Doesn’t Understand News, A Huge NFL Prediction, Zach Worhack Goes Nuts

February 14, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains that LeBron has once again separated himself from the rest of the NBA since the trade deadline, argues that Steve Kerr is out of touch for not realizing that letting his players coach is newsworthy, predicts that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will win the AFC for the next 3 years, and Zach Worhack goes absolutely nuts on the Olympics, Valentines Day, and winter sports. [...]

2/12/18 The Best of The Jerk: Cavs Are Best In East And Celtics Fans Are Delusional, Manziel Makes Sober Announcement, Colts Hire Frank Reich, Does Lane Johnson Represent New Attitude Of Millennial Athletes?

February 13, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki says that the success of Brady and Belichick has made Boston sports fans so delusional about their sports that they actually thought the Celtics had a chance to win the East.... up until yesterday's blowout loss to the Cavs, says that he has sympathy for Johnny Manziel, but would never sign him if he was an NFL GM, weighs in on the Colts hiring Frank Reich, and wonders if Lane Johnson's latest comments are a result of the new mindset of millennial athletes. [...]

2/9/18 The Best of The Jerk: The Cavs Got Slightly Better -But More Importantly Showed LeBron They Care, America Loves Eagles SB Parade – But Was It Smart?, Are The Eagles A Ready-Made Dynasty or Just Another Emotion-Driven NFC Winner?, The Lakers Are Setting Themselves Up For LeBron In 2018, Should LeBron Ever Leave The East?

February 9, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki argues that the trades made by the Cavs yesterday was more about maintaining their relationship with LeBron than it was about getting better, explains why Jason Kelce's SB parade speech was funny - but not calculated, says that he doesn't see the Eagles as a team that's a ready-made dynasty, loves what the Lakers have done for themselves as of late, and wonders if LeBron going to the West is really all it's cracked up to be? [...]

2/7/18 The Best of The Jerk: 3 Reasons Josh McDaniels Stayed with Patriots, LeBron’s Trade Deadline Manipulation, Indianapolis Media Acting Like Scorned Ex-Girlfriend, Kevin Durant Delusional Once Again, 3 Original Thoughts

February 7, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki offers his 3 reasons as to why Josh McDaniels ditched the Colts job for the Patriots, theorizes that the Cavs going 12-13 since Christmas isn't a coincidence - but rather a cry for help, points out that Indianapolis media is reacting to the Josh McDaniels news like a scorned lover, argues that Kevin Durant is really just delusional with his latest comments to the media, and gives 3 original thoughts to end the show. [...]

2/6/18 The Best of The Jerk: Did Benching Malcolm Butler Actually Make Sense?, The New Steph Curry Has Arrived, NFL Did Something Genius During Super Bowl, Dan Gilbert Making Big Trade Deadline Mistake, Belichick Disciples Get Jobs, Mock Draft Thoughts

February 6, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki argues that as more information leaks about Malcolm Butler, Bill Belichick's decision to bench him for the entire Super Bowl makes more and more sense, makes the case that the new NBA star will look a lot like Steph Curry and Trae Young, applauds the NFL for implementing the NEW catch rule during the Super Bowl, warn that Dan Gilbert is making a big mistake by going cheap at the trade deadline, thinks that out of the Belichick disciples, Josh McDaniels will be a better HC than Matt Patricia, gives his thoughts on the latest mock draft, and shares three original thoughts. [...]