4/18/18 Best of The Jerk: Why The NFL’s Two Best QB’s Are Unhappy, Patriots Drafting A QB?, The Unquestionable Truth About LeBron and The Cavs, Media Loves Mayfield, Cowboys Better Without Dez

April 18, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains the correlation between the recent reports about Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, wonders if Bill Belichick has already emotionally moved on from Tom Brady, gives the uncomfortable truth about LeBron James and the Cavs, says the media loves Baker Mayfield more than the NFL, and says the Cowboys culture will be much better off without Dez [...]

4/17/18 Best of The Jerk: Popovich vs Kawhi, Simmons’ Fatal Flaw, Delusional Dez, Belichick vs Brady

April 17, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains that Greg Popovich is doing what we all do when we get in a fight with our significant other: he's saying things he can't take back about Kawhi Leonard, says that Ben Simmons' shooting problems make him vulnerable in a 7-game series, argues that Dez Bryant is delusional about his current skillset, and makes the case for Belichick showing Brady some love. [...]

4/16/18 Best of The Jerk: Golden State Proved They’re Still Best In West, Cavs On Thin Ice, NBA Playoff Takeaways, NBA Brand vs NFL Brand

April 17, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains why Saturday proved the Warriors are still the best in the West, says the Cavs tried to trick themselves into believing they were good at the trade deadline - but are being exposed now, gives you his NBA Playoff takeaways, and explains why NFL owners are smart not to hire a player that will kneel during the anthem. [...]

4/12/18 Best of The Jerk: Westbrook AVG’s Triple-Double, Warriors Win West, Browns Want Josh Allen, Media Hurting Eric Reid, Positives/Negatives of Rosen

April 12, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains why Russell Westbrook lashed out at the media about his triple-double stats, argues that the Warriors will glide through the West despite their weak finish, says the Browns are mistakenly trying to mimic the Ravens and Steelers by drafting Josh Allen, argues that the cheerleading-media is actually hurting Eric Reid, and gives one weird reason he'd draft Josh Rosen [...]

4/10/18 Best of The Jerk: Russell Westbrook’s Most Selfish Game Yet, New Josh Rosen Information Comes Out In Interview, Why Mayweather-McGregor UFC Fight Makes a Ton of Sense, Cowboys Ditching Dez?, NBA Playoff Preview

April 10, 2018 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains why last night's must-win game was Russell Westbrook's most selfish game of his career, changes his mind about Josh Rosen after new information comes out in an interview released today, tells you why a Mayweather-McGregor UFC fight makes too much sense for Dana White to pass up, thinks the Cowboys are getting ready to ditch Dez, and gives a preview of the NBA playoffs [...]

4/9/18 Best of The Jerk with Matthew Jarecki: 76ers Won Their NBA Championship Friday Night, The Jerk’s Official NFL Draft QB Power Rankings, McGregor-Mayweather Part 2?, Golf Hates Patrick Reed

April 9, 2018 // 0 Comments

What do the '18 76ers, '17 Celtics, '16 Raptors, and '15 Hawks have in common? Matthew Jarecki explains that they're all great regular season teams that ultimately lose in the playoffs to LeBron James. He also gives his official power rankings of QB's coming out in the 2018 NFL Draft, says that Dana White would be crazy not to embrace McGregor-Mayweather Part 2, and is baffled by the golf world's rejection of Patrick Reed. [...]