12/5/17 Best of The Jerk with Matthew Jarecki: Don’t Listen To The Media – Last Night Was A Great Football Game, Giants Are Thinking About Walking Off A Cliff, Possible Giants GM+Coaching Candidates, Two Teams I Hated But Love Now, Who’s The Jerk?, Hod Rabino Joins To Discuss Herm Edwards’ Viral Response To His Question

December 5, 2017 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki argues that last night's game was one of the best of the NFL season, and that the media is out of touch with what the public really wants (regulated violence), screams out for the Giants to bench Eli Manning for the year so they don't miss out on Rosen or Darnold, gives 3 possible GM and Coaching hires for the NY Giants going forward, thinks the Cavs and Steelers have a legitimate shot at winning titles, Herm Edwards is The Jerk, and Hod Rabino, publisher of Devil's Digest joins to discuss his question that evoked the viral Herm Edwards response yesterday. [...]

12/4/17 Best of The Jerk with Matthew Jarecki: 12-0 UCF Isn’t In CFB Playoff And It’s Blowing Media’s Mind, Tom Brady Has The Clout To Yell At His OC, Big NFL Takeaways, Reserve Your Eagles Judgement, Gronk Is The Jerk, Journalists And Writers Are A Bunch Of Nerds, Giants Fire McAdoo + Reese

December 4, 2017 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains that the 12-0 UCF Football team simply isn't talented enough to play with the big boys, makes the case for Tom Brady having enough clout to yell at Josh McDaniels, gives you his Big NFL Takeaways, says that we should reserve our judgement about the Eagles - because this was their first big test of the season, argues Gronk needs to be suspended, thinks Journalists and Writers are mostly nerds, and gives 3 original thoughts about The Giants' firings [...]

12/1/17 Best of The Jerk with Matthew Jarecki: NFL QB Crisis Myth, Dak Prescott Showed Teammates Heart Last Night, Jerk’s Juggernauts, LeBron Needs More Love, Who’s The Jerk?, I Think I Love Lisa Campos, Bama’s A Virtual Lock For CFP, Importance Of This NFL Sunday

December 1, 2017 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains why the NFL isn't done-for with legendary QB's retiring, argues that Dak Prescott made a leadership statement last night, provides his top ten NFL teams in his "Jerk's Juggernauts", makes the case for LeBron getting MORE recognition, says that it's becoming clear that Lisa Campos is the anti-John Currie, exposes NAU athletics once again, and thinks that Alabama is a virtual lock for the College Football Playoff [...]

11/30/17 The Best of The Jerk with Matthew Jarecki: Lonzo Ball Has Been Best Rookie PG, Dak Prescott’s Career Defining Moment Tonight, Eli Manning Benching Explained, NAU Athletics is The Jerk, Where’s LeBron Going?

November 30, 2017 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki is in awe of the immature national media - and makes the case that Lonzo Ball has been the league's best rookie point guard, argues that tonight's game could define the way we look at Dak Prescott for the rest of his career, explains why the Giants made the right decision to bench Eli Manning, is baffled by ASU's decision to hire Herm Edwards, names NAU Athletics in "Who's The Jerk", explains why Tennessee AD John Currie just set a terrible precedent, and wonders if LeBron might go to the 76ers next year. [...]

Best of The Jerk 11/29/17

November 29, 2017 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki explains why benching Eli Manning was absolutely the correct move by the NY Giants, reveals two NFL teams nobodies talking about that are on the verge of SB contention, warns ASU about hiring Herm Edwards, who's been out of football for 10 years, and argues that as a result of an exposed strategy by the LA Rams offense, Jared Goff's production could dip. [...]

11/27/17 The Jerk with Matthew Jarecki: Tennessee Fans + Administration Played Themselves On Greg Schiano, Now Is The Time When Elite QB’s Matter Most, Big NFL Takeaways, NAU Loses Big VS San Diego, Chip Kelly To UCLA, Michael Crabtree Got His Chain Snatched AGAIN, Dave Zorn of KAFF Joins to Talk NAU Football, Coach Souers, Jack Murphy, ASU Coaching Vacancy Rumors

November 27, 2017 // 0 Comments

Matthew Jarecki argues that Tennessee fans and administration played themselves by false-starting on the Greg Schiano hire, makes the case that good rosters matter less than elite QB's past week 12, gives the audience his Big NFL Takeaways from Week 12, argues that Chip Kelly to UCLA will be scary-good, names Michael Crabtree in "Who's The Jerk?", and Dave Zorn of KAFF joins to discuss NAU Football, the future of Jerome Souers and Jack Murphey, and talks about the ASU coaching vacancy [...]